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Dyna-pos is the South African distributor for 3M Touch , Epson ,Honeywell and Wavepos. In accordance with the high standards of Dyna-pos and the high expectations of P.O.S users, the Dyna-pos Product range remains one of the best options in South Africa.
Dyna-pos offers a comprehensive portfolio of touch screens, printers and scanners . We also supply other brands like Mecer, Proline, Samsung and LG. All our products are supported by a world-class engineering organization and we have extensive R&D and manufacturing expertise. When you combine the Dyna-pos portfolio and production capabilities, quality standards and global support, you have found a company you can count on almost anywhere in the world, today and in the future.
Our goal is to provide the highest quality products at the most competitive price, with the highest level of service and support as well as to strive to be the largest distributor of key information technology components and solutions in the South African market.
We supply all makes and repair all makes of touchscreens and LCD's. Although we are not bound by any contract and can sell whatever you require, we do prefer Epson as our POS printer brand as they are more popular and very reliable.

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